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descriptionarm decoders for the yaxpeax project



## yaxpeax-arm [![crate](https://img.shields.io/crates/v/yaxpeax-arm.svg?logo=rust)](https://crates.io/crates/yaxpeax-arm) [![documentation](https://docs.rs/yaxpeax-arm/badge.svg)](https://docs.rs/yaxpeax-arm) `yaxpeax-arm` provides implementations of decoders for the armv7, v7/thumb, v7/thumb2, and aarch64/a64 instruction sets. the entrypoint to begin decoding is either `armv7::InstDecoder` (`ARMv7::Decoder::default()`) or `armv8::InstDecoder` (`ARMv8::Decoder::default()`). `default` for both decoders is to decode in ARM mode. `default` will try to decode as permissively as possible, even attempting to produce some kind of instruction for `UNPREDICTABLE` patterns, where possible. for armv7 and below, `default_thumb` produces a similarly permissive set of rules, but for decoding thumb/thumb2 instructions. ARMv7 and thumb mode instructions decode to the same structure: `armv7::Instruction`. this is not known to introduce ambiguities, and if you must discern thumb vs non-thumb origins, `armv7::Instruction::thumb` will reflect the decoder state when decoding the instruction of interest. additionally, `armv7::Instruction::w` reports if the instruction was a wide (32-bit) thum instruction. for all ARMv7 instructions, `armv7::Instruction::s()` reports if the instruction will update status flags. if `s` is in error, that is a decoder bug, please report it. ### features * `#[no_std]` * very fast * pretty small? ### `#[no_std]` `yaxpeax-arm` supports use in `no_std` environments. to build `yaxpeax-arm` in `no_std` environments, add `default-features = false` to the crate's depdency line. this disables the `std` feature, and removes the little integration with `std` that `yaxpeax-arm` optionally provides. ### very fast `yaxpeax-arm` hasn't been exhaustively benchmarked, but loose tests suggest that it's at least as fast as other high-quality `arm` disassemblers, like [`capstone`](https://github.com/capstone-engine/capstone) or [`bad64`](https://github.com/yrp604/bad64). more comprehensive benchmarks to come. ### pretty small? similarly to decode speed, the size of a compiled `yaxpeax-arm` hasn't been closely profiled, but at minimum it's 20% the size of `yaxpeax-x86`, with `armv7` and `armv8` code being entirely independent - using only one architecture should allow the other's code to be dead-code-eliminated. `yaxpeax-arm` compiles in release mode in only a few seconds. ## stability 0.1 and 1.0 versions are considered significant indicators of feature-completeness and stability. the specific guidelines by which `yaxpeax-arm` will be considered stable are listed below. ### 0.1 checklist - [/] support `NEON` (SIMD before SVE supported in ARMv8!) - [x] adjust `yaxpeax-arch` so `min_length` can be contingent on the mode of `InstDecoder` - currently `min_length` is always 4, which is incorrect for `Thumb` modes. conversely, selecting "2" would be flagrantly wrong for `ARM` modes. - [ ] address all in-tree TODO ### 1.0 checklist - [ ] support `SVE` and `SVE2` - [ ] support per-version decode flags, so decoding an armv4, armv5, or armv7 instruction - [ ] fully support `should_is_must` to control how pedantic decoding should be - [ ] fully support reporting `unpredictable` encodings as `DecodeError::Unpredictable` if required - [ ] exhaustively test armv7 and armv8 instructions against other decoders - existing thumb test suite is derived from enumerating thumb instructions, but is missing some ### ! user beware ! * armv7 NEON support is still nonexistent ## arch notes: ### Register Names Reproduced from [infocenter.arm.com](http://infocenter.arm.com/help/index.jsp?topic=/com.arm.doc.dui0473c/CJAJBFHC.html): | Name | Maps To | Meaning | | ---- | ------- | ------- | | r0-r15 | r0-r15 | These are the the registers! | | a1-a4 | r0-r3 | Argument, result, or scratch registers | | v1-v8 | r4-r11 | Variable registers | | sb | r9 | Static base register | | fp | r11 | Frame pointer\* | | ip | r12 | Intra-procedure call register | | sp | r13 | Stack pointer | | lr | r14 | link register | | pc | r15 | program counter | \* `fp` does not appear to be explicitly referenced in ARM documentation, and mapping to r11 looks to be OS (Windows/Linux?) convention.
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