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descriptionRust wrappers for the NoSQL database YottaDB
Sam Habiel (shabiel)




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YDBRust - Rust Bindings for YottaDB

YottaDB is a multi-language NoSQL database.

All software in this package is part of YottaDB, each file of which identifies its copyright holders. The software is made available to you under the terms of a license. Refer to the LICENSE file for details.

Homepage: https://gitlab.com/YottaDB/Lang/YDBRust

Documentation: https://yottadb.gitlab.io/Lang/YDBRust/yottadb/

Using YDBRust in your project

Include YDBRust in your Cargo.toml:

yottadb = "1.0"

Before building or using a project which depends on YottaDB, you need to

  1. Ensure that YottaDB is set up and configured.

    source $(pkg-config --variable=prefix yottadb)/ydb_env_set
  2. Ensure that rust and cargo are set up and configured.

See examples/ for some examples of how to use the API, or the documentation for a full reference.

Development Setup

Fork the YDBRust repository on Gitlab, clone it to your machine, and then use it for development.

git clone https://gitlab.com/YottaDB/Lang/YDBRust.git

cd YDBRust

source $(pkg-config --variable=prefix yottadb)/ydb_env_set

# install dependencies for bindgen and examples
# NOTE: this does not necessarily need apt, this is just an example
sudo apt update
sudo apt install clang libsdl2-dev libsdl2-ttf-dev libsdl2-gfx-dev

cargo test
cargo doc --open

You may want to also set up pre-commit hooks:

ln -s ../../pre-commit .git/hooks/pre-commit

Internal Documentation

YDBRust has internal documentation inline with the code, the same way that user-facing documentation is inline. Where possible, the convention is to put internal documentation on a private constant named INTERNAL_DOCS, which allows viewing the documentation with cargo doc --document-private-items.

In general, info about what YDBRust is doing and why should be user-facing, info about how should be internal.

Developing with Docker

Alternatively, you can use the provided dockerfile:

docker build --tag ydbrust .
docker run --volume "${PWD}":/opt/ydbrust -it ydbrust bash
source $(pkg-config --variable=prefix yottadb)/ydb_env_set
cargo test
cargo doc

The documentation will be available locally at file:///path/to/ydbrust/target/doc/yottadb/index.html.

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