Rust Digger: There are 4,907 interesting Crate homepages

Date: 2024.05.01

In the past week I hardly had time to work on this project, but there is some interesting report about homepages. In the Cargo.toml file each crate can include a field for repository and another field homepage. Out of the 144,632 crates 27,872 (19.27%) has no repository field, some have the link to the repository in the homepage field 14,005 (9.68%) has an "interesting" homepage. By "interesting" I mean one that is not a link to its repository and not to the documentation on Give or take a few hundred due to bugs in the Rust Digger.

The 14,005 interesting homepages are actually 4,902 unique addresses. I've created a list of these pages for you to observe and to find issues with the Rust Digger that we might want to fix. I did not convert the URLs to links partially as I was worried that some of those might be "bad" addresses. Not just "localhost", but also sites that are "not safe for work". I opened an issue for this, but I don't yet know what should I really do with this information.

Crates with errors in the Cargo.toml file

There are 83 crates with parsing errors in their Cargo.toml file. Is the expected Cargo.toml format of Rust Digger too strict, or do these really have issues? Click on the name of each crate to see the error message we collected. Click on the src link to get access to the unzipped source files after downloading them from

There is another page called Errors that have 43 more crates listed, where the parsing error was even more severe. I probably need to merge the two lists and make these errors link to their crates...